Tell me your story about education_2013

“Tell me your story about education” is an art-based research, part of my MA (Inclusive Arts Practice) which explores how creative media can help to communicate a personal experience across different cultures and languages in an authentic way. During 2014 I spent three weeks in Malika, a suburb of Dakar where I collaborated with three people with diverse ages and backgrounds, who are/have been part of educational programs, to facilitate the creation of their own visual story regarding the learning process. The three individual collaborations are completely different, based on the personal interests of each participant and their idea of creativity. As an artist, my role was to create a flexible framework enabling the participant to shape it and take his/her own direction. I brought into the project my artist identity and I mixed it with the local, traditional and contemporary art scene in order to allow the two cultures to meet and learn from each other.

Michela Valsania collaborating with a group of children.


Michela Valsania collaborating with a young girl in education.


Michela collaborating with a teacher.