Greatmore Studios Residency_2015

In 2015, I have been invited to spend two months at Greatmore studios, in Cape Town to continue my research and meet the flourishing art scene of South Africa. As I aimed to know better the culture and identity of the city I decided to share the studio and my adventure with four people from the community: Patsy George, Noncedokazie Ntanjana, Sizwe Manqele, Vusisiswe Jason Mpn. I spent time individually with each of them, seeking to know each other and using the art medium as a tool to communicate their individuality.

Postcards introducing myself to the participants.


Michela Valsania/Patsy George _“Conversation, work in progress”. Doily, writing on strings of cotton, installation, Greatmore Studios.


Michela Valsania/Noncedokazie Ntanjana_”Our Space”. Video installation, 5:34min, Greatmores studio.                                                                                

Michela Valsania/Noncedokazie Ntanjana_2015

Still from video


“Our Space”, video installation, Greatiore Studios Cape Town


Michela Valsania/Sizwe Maqele_”I am that I am”. Soil, black and white inkjet photocopies, recycle materials.                                                                                                              


Michela Valsania/ Vusisiswe Jason MPn_ “Where the story begins”. Watercolor prints