Michela Valsania born in Turin, Italy, in 1986. She graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Turin, specializing in sculpture and installation. In 2012 she moved to United Kingdom where she recently completed an Ma in Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton. Inspired by artists such as Joseph Beuys, who blurred the boundaries between art and life and combined studio practices with a more collaborative approach, Valsania has developed a series of works focusing on the surroundings, using a wide range of materials. In addition she creates site specific projects, inviting people to take part in the creative process, sharing ideas, experiences and  skills. In 2014 as part of her Ma she realized a collaborative project in Malika, a suburb of Dakar (Senegal) to explore culturally appropriated form of arts. She collaborates with galleries and art organization in London including Camden Arts Centre, Serpentine Galleries and Action Space.


I am an artist and art educator. I facilitate the access to art through my work.


2005-2009 BA Fine Arts Academy, Torino, Italy.

2013-2015 MA Inclusive Arts Practice, University of Brighton, Faculties of Arts and Humanities


2014_”Tell me your story about education” , Malika, Senegal. In collaboration with University of Brighton, Faculties of Arts and  Humanities and Renken Onlus Senegal.


2015_”Borderless frame”, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town, South Africa.

_”Tell me your story about education”, Holborn Library, London.

2013_ “Kilburn Grange Park, art exhibition”, curated by CanCan Production, Kilburn Community Centre, London

_”TECH_Defining generation”, curated by FOH Camden Arts Centre, Kingsgate workshop, London.

2011_” Amman, Olcese, Makò”curated by Associazione IndustrialLab, Galleria Vastagamma, Pordenone, Italy.

_ZOOart, curated by Associazione Art.ur, Giardini Fresia, Cuneo, Italy.

2009_Paratissima 5.2, curated by Gruppo Para, San Salvario, Torino, Italy.

_”Soltanto chi sogna puo raggiungere l’impossibile”Fine Arts Academy, Turin, Italy.

2008_ “Scogliere”, Fine Arts Academy, curated by Luca Piffero, Radu Dragomirescu, Gianfranco Rizzi, Turin, Italy.


2015_Triangle Network , International Fellowship, Greatmore, Cape Town, South Africa.

2009_IN Residence, #2 Matter Matters, curated by Barbara Brondy and Marco Rainò, DuPark Residence, Torino, Italy.